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Clay Sculptures and one-of-a-kind collectibles

Effie Collection 2010 PROJECT DESCRIPTION


I don’t attempt to capture realism. As a perfectionist, I put my obsessive nature aside and let the clay tell a story that captures the very essence of the character and all of her struggles. Each piece tells a story all its own. The collection is whimsical, somewhat emo, and edgy, yet almost anyone can relate to it. The colors I use are generally dull with occasional bright details. The somber realities of her journey are expressed through the darker colors. The bright details represent the hope she is determined to keep. The pieces are imperfect with intentional flaws left to showcase their originality, allowing the clay to fall as it may to tell a story of a flawed girl in search of a better place. She has no race. She is quirky. She is flawed. But she is fierce. Effie is her name and she is a representation of a being that endures all. Each story, each piece, guides you through a life-long journey of bumps and bruises, hence the stitches. Despite her heartaches and troubles, she continues to persevere on her quest for fulfillment. Her eye is closed in all of the pieces. This is symbolic of the fact that we all see what we want to see and are often blind to truths right in front of us. This lack of clear vision is what has gotten her into most of her predicaments. It happens to all of us at some point. That is why so many people will be able to relate to these pieces. All of the sculptures have a story. Some of them are imprinted into the clay on the actual piece. Please feel free to browse through the photos and stories of Effie.

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