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ABOUT Lizzy Falcon

artist / creator


Lizzy Falcon is a self-represented artist that shows and sells her work in galleries worldwide and online. She also sells reproductions of her work online, in addition to merchandise and products through licensed companies. Lizzy is a self-taught artist that loves to paint, sculpt, and animate short stories. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, and likes to think of herself as a visual poet, telling a story with each art piece. She has been creating art full-time for about 10 years. Falcon has curated art shows, art events, created local murals, mentored young creatives, but is happiest when painting in her studio and listening to music or being outdoors enjoying her surroundings. 

Shows and Features

  • Oct 2012 Connected TV Show, Artist Feature
  • Apr 2013 What Big Eyes You Have, Group Show, Orlando, FL
  • June 2013 – Present Featured Artist, Rabun County Library, Clayton, GA
  • Oct 2013 RAW Art Show, Group Show, Atlanta, GA
  • Feb 2013 Featured Artist, Macon County Library, Franklin NC
  • Apr 2014 Art appearance in Lifetime Movie “Starving in Suburbia”
  • May 2014 Delusions of a Dream, Group Show, Atlanta, GA
  • May 2014 Featured Artist, Niji Art Magazine
  • June 2014 Steampunk Los Angeles, Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept 2014 Wet Paint , Group Exhibition, Atlanta, GA
  • Oct 2014 Day of the Dead, Group Exhibition, Yeast Nashville, TN
  • September 2015 Solo Exhibition, Yeast Nashville, TN
  • October 2015 Long Beach Comic Con, Los Angeles, CA
  • October 2015 Solo Exhibition, Nobel Wine Tasting Room, Clayton, GA
  • Oct 2015 Doo Gallery, Day of the Dead Group Exhibition, Atlanta, GA
  • May 28, 2016 Wet Atl Group Exhibition, Atlanta, GA
  • May 26-29, 2016 MEGACON, Artist Alley, Orlando, FL
  • Sept 2016- Present Objects & Images Gallery, Bronxville, NY
  • Sept 2106 Group Art Show Wet Paint ATL, Atlanta GA
  • Sept 2016 1St Annual Little River Marina Art Walk November
  • November 2016 Wine Label Release & Solo Exhibition Noble Wine Cellar, Clayton, GA
  • March 2017 Group Art Show, “A Night at the Movies” Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal
  • June 2017 Group Art Show, “Potions, Spells, and Magic” Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal
  • August 2017 WET ATL Group Art Show, Atlanta GA
  • March 2018 Group Art Show, “I Spy” Inverarity Gallery, Scotland
  • May 26, 2018 Disney Group Art Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA
  • August, 2018 Zodiac Group Art Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA
  • October 2018- Art Exhibit Fortify Kitchen & Bar, Clayton, GA
  • Feb 2019- Release “Imperfection” Collection, Noble Wine Cellar, Clayton, GA
  • March 2019- VENUS Group Art Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA
  • April 18 – North Georgia Art Guild Speaking engagement, Clayton, GA
  • April 27 – 28, Celebrate Clayton, Rabun County’s Art Festival, Clayton, GA
  • May 2019- Night at the Movies V2 Group Art Show, Penumbra Gallery, Portugal
  • ​June 2019 – Nine Lives- The Return of the Cat, Group Art Show, Inverarity Gallery, Scotland
  • June/July 2019 – How Long is Forever, Group Art Show, Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal
  • December 7- Dec 30, 2019 SOLO SHOW, ALATION, Penumbra Gallery, Portugal
  • March 2020- Art Exhibit Fortity Kitchen & Bar, Clayton GA
  • April 28 & 29, 2020- Celebrate Clayton Art Festival, Clayton, GA – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19
  • Group* Solo Art Show- The Lotus Gallery and Art Center, Rabun Gap, GA
  • October 2020- Low to Pop Group Art Show, Penumbra Gallery Portugal
  • December 2020- Artesse Gallery, Group Art Show, Rome Italy
  • March 2021- Heroinne, Group Art Show, Inverarity Gallery, Scotland
  • May 1, 2021 GET sur REAL Group Art Show (Curation and exhibiting) The Lotus Gallery, Rabun Gap, Georgia
  • Oct 2021 – School bus Graveyard Mural painting, Gainesville, GA
  • March 2022 – Big Cats – Little Cats, Inverarity Gallery, Scotland
  • April 20, 2022, 420 Art, The Art Warehouse, Michigan
  • May 20- Live Painting Event, Clarkesville, GA
  • Nature’s Heirloom Collection, Hang ups Art show, Roswell Visual Arts Center, Roswell, GA
  • Oct 2022 – Curio Gallery, Small Works Group Art Show, Portugal
  • June 2023- SOLO/ Feature, CHASING RABBITS, Curio Art Gallery, Portugal
  • 2023 Duality Solo Feature Inverarity Gallery, Scotland
  • November 2023 – Records Department, Group Art Show, Woodstock, IL,
  • 2024 Curating of LET THEM EAT CAKE, Curio Art Gallery, Portugal
  • Fall 2024 Celebration of Arts, co-curated event and release of Solo Exhibition Shadow Rabbit.